What my Clients Say

  • Sharon & Phil

    Sam did my daughters naming ceremony and was excellent. He called out to us before hand to discuss what we would like and give us a few ideas. Anything that we wanted included it was no problem at all, he sent us a copy of the script to see if we were happy and if not he would change things to suit us. All our family and friends and myself included have never been to a naming ceremony but we couldn't get Over how lovely the ceremony was and how well Sam conducted it. I will Def be getting Sam again (when I have another child) lol . - Sharon & Phil

  • Shelley and Ian

    I highly recommend Sam, he did my sons blessing and did a brilliant job, he really takes an interest in it and everything he said in the blessing was perfect it was all about my little miracle son I will be getting Sam again. Thanks again Sam. - Shelley & Ian