Naming Ceremony Northern Ireland

A Baby Naming Ceremony is an alternative to the traditional Christening or Baptism. It is a suitable way to welcome a new baby to the family if the parents have a personal faith or belief without attending any Church, or have no religious belief at all.

A Naming Ceremony will be personal and individual.

It can be as formal or informal, as long or short, as you wish. It can be held in your home, or it can be held elsewhere if you prefer. I will, of course, meet you to fully discuss your ideas. Poems, readings and music can be included in the Ceremony, as can religious content if you wish. You will probably have Godparents (sometimes known as Supporting Adults), who will make their promises to the child. You may want to allow older children or grandparents to be part of the Ceremony. Symbolic elements can also be included.

A Naming Ceremony is for children of any age, not just babies.

A joint ceremony can also be held to include older siblings who haven't previously had any ceremony.

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